Corporate values


A company's values are what determine and direct the way to create a work culture.

What reflects a company is its motivation and principles, as well as its beliefs and attitudes. This will form its identity.

It is important that companies have their own personality when talking about brand recognition

What are the values of a company

The values of a company, its ethical and professional principles. We could say that they would be the identity of the company, they guide company in its decision making and its behavior.

The objective of these principles is that all its components act according to these predetermined values.

Establish the values of a company

Values are intangible and for better or worse they will affect the decision that a client makes when closing a deal.

An organized company must be built on a solid foundation of values, clearly explained and accepted by all.

Cuando los valores de la empresa son fuertes, creará vínculos más profundos con los clientes.

If a company's values are weak, confusing, or completely nonexistent, it will possibly create conflicts among the company's staff since no one will know what is expected of them and they may engage in behaviors that harm the company's image.

A company's values are also a tool to control the direction in which the business is going.

Establishing transparent values is very important so that there can be a good connection between the teams, the service and the clients.

Essential values

Some essential ones in a company are listed below.

1. Honesty

This value establishes creating a work culture that provides consistency in behavior and builds trust.

In a consumer study by Edelman, he revealed that 81% need to trust the brand to make their purchase.

2. Transparency

Magazine's definition Forbes of business transparency as "the process of being open, honest, and forthright about a company's various operations.

3. Passion

It is about the work being done in a passionate way, both with respect to the client and towards the company.

4. Customer orientation

Taking into account that customers are the central axis of a business, the company must have its main focus on its customers and strive to adapt to their needs.

To the extent that the company strives to meet the demands of its customers, solve their problems, and gain feedback from their experience, its brand will be more identified.

5. Quality

It is not enough to say that you have the best service, you have to guarantee that it will be that way.


Customers are the most important thing and that is why you have to work to make them identify with your company.