Meaning of flags on beaches

On the beach, in addition to the heat, we must take into account the state of the sea, which we can check through the flag that flies, as it will indicate whether we can swim or not. Let's review the meaning of flags on beaches.

There are basically three flags:

  • Green flag means swimming is allowed.
  • Yellow flag means that you can swim but with caution.
  • Red flag is that bathing is forbidden.

Flags on the beaches of Torrevieja

Blue flag

In addition to these three flags, there is one, the blue flag,, que es una certificación de la UE indicando que la beach, está dentro de los criterios para considerarse una playa de calidad.

These criteria to obtain the blue flag are reviewed annually at an international level by National Operators.

To obtain the blue flag you must meet four points:

1.- .Environmental information and education:panels with information about the beach.

2.- Water quality:water quality sampling is carried out periodically to determine said quality.

3.- Environmental management:the beach must comply with environmental legislation, especially the Coastal Law. It must be clean and properly managed in terms of waste and selective collection of packaging, paper, glass, etc.

The beach must have public bathrooms and in urban areas, at least on one of the municipalities' blue flag beaches, a toilet adapted for people with disabilities.

4.- Security and services.The beach must have a lifeguard and first aid material equipment, as well as easy, safe and accessible access for people with disabilities.

Other flags

There are beaches that even have more diversity of flags, such as:

  • Black flag  means that the beach is closed due to poor sea conditions or serious health problems with the sand.
  • Yellow flag with a black dot means that the use of boats and surfboards is prohibited.
  • Black and white square flag is a surfing area and swimming is forbidden.
  • White flag with jellyfish  would be their presence on the beach.

We hope that this tip has been useful to you to know the meaning of flags on beaches.