Keysol Property has a post-sale department from where the client is informed of any information requested regarding the state of their home.
Clients are advised, answering all their questions and referring them to professionals to inform them about those issues that are beyond our competence.


At the time of delivery of the home, the necessary procedures will be carried out and all the information required will be processed so that the client finds practically everything done, this includes the appointment with the notary, the promoter, the bank, etc.


Our company also has a special after-sales service for a small additional cost, dedicated to those clients who want to be accompanied to carry out all the procedures and who do not want to worry about anything at the time of writing. Our professionals pick you up from the airport, take you to your accommodation, accompany you to your lawyer, to the notary's office, to the bank and later, to the shops or businesses that you consider appropriate for accommodation in your new home. This service is provided for two days.