Nowadays, most of the new residential complexes built in tourist areas have a community pool.

It is a good way to cool off when temperatures rise. Due to its proximity, comfort and accessibility make it a good option, even if the beach or sea is nearby. . It should be taken into account however the norms, obligations and rules of community pools.



Previously it was common to have a swimming pool in single family houses , but nowadays it is very usual that residential complex, whether if they are composed by flats, bungalows, detached or semitached properties, are designed with communal areas including a swimming pool

It is a common area so it isthe owners who will be in charge of management and maintenance.



There is a general regulation (Royal Decree 742/2013, of September 27) for the use of community pools. This Decree mentions both technical and sanitary requirements that swimming pools for community use must meet.

However, depending on the autonomous community there will be some variations.

In any case, there are general rules regarding hygiene, safety and maintenance that are normally applied.

  • Depth. The maximum allowed is 3m. and children's pools, it will not be deeper than 60 centimeters.
  • Perimeter. In order to ensure safety and avoid slipping, the perimeter of the pool must be made of non-slip material.
  • Hygiene. Showers must be available and users must use them before going into the water.
  • Healthiness. The pool must also have adequate purification and cleaning systems to ensure the health of the water.
  • Maintenance. The pool must be maintained and cleaned: dirt, microorganisms or other external agents. This point must be carried out by specialized personnel.
  • Rules of use. Opening and closing times, capacity and any other important information for correct operation must be placed visibly.



The most normal thing is that the community of owners establishes a series of internal rules for the proper use and enjoyment of the pool. One of the functions of these rules is to prevent and avoid possible conflicts that could arise between neighbors.

Among the points usually considered in are:

TIMETABLES: The community will freely establish the opening and closing times of the pool depending on the preferences and needs of the community.

CAPACITY: It will depend on the size of the pool and the area where it is located

ACCESSORIES: The community will regulate the use of accessories such as balls, mats, water toys, etc

LIFEGUARDS: Regarding this point, there are communities that, depending on the size of the pool, will require or no a lifeguard.

PETS: Pets are not usually allowed. However, there may be communities accepting as long as they are hold on a leash and with a responsible person.

Basically it would not be necessary to mention civic behavior, since it is understood that it is something that it is necessary to mention, although there will surely be communities that will include some rule regarding this.

If basic rules are followed, the good coexistence will be encouraged so as enjoying the pool. pool.