Among the services we offer to our clients there is an important part, which is the interior of their new home.That is why we have the interior designer Elena Mas Parres.

Our personal experience, as well as her professional career for more than 20 years, makes us fully trust her.

Its premise is to design and be present in all phases of the creative process and in constant advice with clients, always attentive to their needs and desires.

Her designfirm is made up of a multidisciplinary team integrated by professional interior designers with extensive experience, who are like a swarm of creative minds and who are the expression of their interior designs, home decoration and product designs.

The distance is not a problem, since sessions can be held on line directly with it in a simple, fast and economical way.

Visit her web where you can have more information, among other aspects, about their work methodology, design techniques and quality of materials, as well as view some of their projects.