What does 100% financing mean?

100% mortgages are those in which the entire amount of the appraisal or sale value of the property to be acquired is granted through a bank or financial institution.

Currently, banks rarely provide financing for 100% of the value of a property.

What financing is the most common?

The amount of financing that banks or financial companies normally provide is 80% of the appraisal or sale value of the property in the case of resident clients,that is, those who have their tax residence in Spain

Those who are not residents will be able to access a maximum of 60% of the appraisal or sale value.

What documentation is required?

  • NIF (Número de identificación fiscal)

  • 3 last payrolls

  • Credit report of the country of residence

  • CIRBE risk information from the country of residence

  • Employment contract (employee) or self-employed (self-employed income

  • 12-month bank statement where the payroll or income is domiciled

  • Last income tax return

  • Registration of assets (properties, vehicles, etc.)

  • Tax residency certificate from your country

  • In case of mortgage, loans or credits, the last 3 receipts for them

  • Purchase and sale contract or deposit and documentation of the property to be acquired

Which banks offer mortgages to non-residents?

Nowadays, practically all banking entities have mortgages for non-residents in their product portfolio.

Below we list some of the entities that offer these mortgages.