Country Houses

Country houses are rural homes located on the outskirts of cities, in a unique country environment linked to nature.

The value of country houses in Spain grows!


Supply has not been a problem either. In addition to having local businesses open, online sales of all types of products have skyrocketed. That is, you no longer have to physically go to the supermarket to make the purchase if you don't want to.

Urbanites, previously delighted with the comforts of the city, have fled in terror to their second homes as soon as they could. The emptied Spain, which was talked about so much shortly before the state of alarm, has been surprised by a flood of visitors eager to escape confinement.

casa de campo


At some point in our lives we have thought about having a house surrounded by nature, where we can breathe fresh air and when we open a window we can see the green of the countryside. This can be considered a lifestyle.

Rustic houses are a good bet to differentiate ourselves from city construction formats.

The rustic style will be present in these homes. Obviously, the type of country house we want to have will depend on us, , but in the end everything is contagious, and the fact of living next to nature implies a certain relationship with the country aesthetic; Even the format of rural town houses usually has a lot of influence.

Moving to a country house is an important decision, which is best made with all members of the family, since it implies living relatively a little away from urban life.

The first thought that comes to mind when we think about living in the countryside is the tranquility that leaving the city and living in a quiet place surrounded by nature can bring to your life.

If you have children, living in the country will give them a freedom that they would not have in the city. Lots of space to play and contact with nature.

And you, are you ready to live in the countryside?

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