Real Estate in Spain

What is a real estate?

A real estate is a tangible object that cannot be moved in space without losing its nature or essence. Let's focus on real estate in Spain.

Assets are the possessions or properties that a natural or legal person has These constitute his heritage. One of the important classifications that can be made of assets divides them into movable or immovable.

  1. Property that can be moved from one place to another is called movable property..
  2. On the contrary, real estate is tangible objects that cannot be moved in space without losing their nature or essence.

This classification is established by article 333 of the Civil Code and comes from Roman law..

All things that are or can be appropriated are considered as movable or immovable property.

Article 333 of the Civil Code

Real estate real estate is tangible objectsalso includes land,houses, buildings, farms, garages, fences, structures, utility systems, etc.

The property title of a real property gives right to its surface,and sometimes, as the case may be, to air and mineral rights. Those rights can be bought or sold,leased or transferred together or separately.

Real estate must be compulsorily registered in Property Registry.

Bienes inmuebles en España

Once we make it clear what a real estate is, we have to know that there are several several different types of real estate. These are defined both by their activity and by their nature. The types that exist are the following:

Ground or subsoil assets

Article 350 of the Spanish Civil Code explains that the owner of a piece of land is the owner of its surface and of what is below it.

Real estate by nature or incorporation

They are all those structures or things that adhere to the ground in a fixed way, and that cannot be separated from it without detriment to its matter or without deteriorati

Rustic or Urban

From the urbanistic point of view, it is a non-urban landas it lacks the urbanization works that would make it a plot suitable for building, or developable.

By use Another way to categorize them is by use. Here we would find three possible categories:




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