Real Estate Agent

Agente inmobiliario

What a Real estate agent is

A real estate agent is a natural person who offers real estate management services, advice and mediation in operations related to the purchase, sale, rental, contracts or transfer of real estate. What is a real estate agent.

Previously it was not necessary to have any certification to work as a real estate agent, in 2022 a regulation came out in the Valencian Community where it regulated this point and obliges all those who wish to work as a real estate agent to pass an exam and also to be duly registered.

This is done with the aim of protecting clients from the intrusion that has occurred in recent years and that they are attended by true professionals in the real estate sales sector.

Difference between agent and advisor

In practical terms, it is understood that the Real Estate Advisor focuses more on advising a transaction, while the Agent is in charge of managing the entire processHowever, in some countries both terms are used as synonyms without any pejorative charge towards any of them.

Choosing a professional is not easy, since it is an important and fundamental figure that will help us throughout the purchase process.


  • A person you trust
  • With experience
  • Knowledge of the area
  • Knowledge of the surrounding market
  • Be a professional
  • Defend the interests of the clients
  • Have sufficient resources to be able to answer the customers about any questions that may arise from any aspect related to the purchase.
  • Knowledge of proven professionals for issues inherent to the purchase, such as law firms,, banks,etc.
  • Be arise throughout the purchase, from the beginning to the end.

In our particular case, in addition to all of the above, we provide the value that the salespeople are natives of the countries of our international clients, providing knowledge of both the country of origin and our country.