The sofa bed is an interesting piece of furniture to consider in our home,as it combines style and functionality.

The sofa bed is a perfect accessory for when we have visitors or guests staying overnight at our house.

There is a wide variety of sofa beds on the market, regarding size, opening system or aesthetics.


Like normal sofas, this type of sofa can have different measurements depending mainly on the width of the arms and backrest. There are models that, to offer more space, have no arms or are minimal.

The standard measurements of a double sofa bed are between 160-180cm wide and 190-200cm long. These measurements will make the sofa occupy between 200-220cm with arms included.

There are more compact models that have a width of 140cm wide and 190cm long when open, which when closed will take up 180cm.

Do not forget that the open sofa bed will need about 210cm of free space in the front.

In the case of a single sofa bed, the measurements will be 80-90 wide and 180-200 long when open.

Opening mechanisms

The fact that a sofa is a sofa bed does not mean that it lacks a beautiful design

Italian opening

The Italian opening leaves the pillows always in their position, without touching the floor. It is one of the most widespread and practical systems currently.

Guests do not sleep on the same mattress as they sit in the sofa position.



Click-clack opening

The click-clack opening is one of the most seen, although closed it is a little low, it transforms very quickly into a bed, only by moving the seat and backrest backwards as a whole. Its name comes from the "clack" sound that is heard when it is brought to its original position.

Those without arms are more comfortable since they are less annoying.


Fold opening

This type of sofa bed is more compact which makes it an advantage for small spaces.

It is similar to the Italian one in that no cushion is removed.

Dolphin system opening

It would actually be treated as a trundle bed. In this model, one person would sleep on the sofa seat and another on the mattress that is hidden under the sofa.


Backrest as part of bed

This is a sofa whose seat is pulled forward so that the backrest lowers and remains aligned with the seat. Both parts: seat and backrest form the mattress.