Feng Shui is an Eastern philosophy based on improving vital energy through balance and positive energies.

Taken to our home it would translate into organizing the spaces so that energy flows and allows it to be harmonized taking into account some elements of organization, space and decoration,.


As a starting point so that the energy can flow, it is essential to do a deep cleaning, so in addition to cleaning, it is also important to get rid of junk and furniture that we neither need nor are safe. Order and cleanliness is the maximum premise.



Let's go through each room in the house to see what Feng Shui should be like in your home.


It is where the most energy will be concentrated, since it is the most visited room and the one in which one spends the longest time.

If possible, the living room should be located in the eastern part of the house, since according to Feng Shui is where the areas of health and family or wealth and prosperity are located.

  • Enhance natural light
  • Good ventilation.
  • The sofas lean against the wall, not with their backs to the door.
  • Do not hang heavy items, mirrors or heavy shelves on the sofa wall.
  • Minimalist furniture and, if possible, without pronounced corners, since the Chi or vital energy will be able to flow better.
  • Noble materials such as wood.
  • Noble materials such as wood. Natural fabrics with a balanced combination of colors.



The best location would be the area furthest from the main door and with the door closed since according to Feng Shui, delimited spaces are better so that the energies do not mix.

  • The fire or cooking area that is not facing away from the door, if it is, place something reflective, such as steel or a mirror so that it acts as a rearview mirror.
  • The water zone, duly separated from the fire zone.
  • The materials, metal, baked clay or clay, wood do not because they feed the fire.
  • Aromatic plants help boost fresh energy.

In Feng Shui, excess white implies coldness and introversion, so if your kitchen is white, add colored accessories to break that coldness. Order is the maximum for balance.


Motivated by drains and moving water, this room is considered one where energy escapes.

  • The door should be in front neither the main entrance nor the kitchen door.
  • The door always closed, as well as the toilet lid.
  • It is better not to see the toilet directly when you open the door. If possible, place it behind a wall or the sink.
  • Avoid mirrors in front of the main door.
  • Wood for furniture.
  • Check that there are no water leaks.
  • Place some plant.
  • Of course cleanliness and order.


Energy must flow correctly through a distribution that helps to have a restful sleep.

  • The headboard should be on the wall farthest from the door.
  • The symbol of support and security is provided by the headboard, so we should not do without i
  • In the same way, it is necessary to have protection on both sides of the bed, which is why nightstands are necessary.
  • According to Feng Shui, soft colors, neither too cold nor too warm.
  • Mirrors have a negative effect when placed in front of the bed or the entrance door.
  • According to this Eastern philosophy in a double bed, placing two separate mattresses can lead to disunity.
  • The bedroom is a relaxation area so do not place anything that indicates work or exercise, however a reading chair or sofa would be ideal.


Water is very important because it means prosperity and money. A pond with goldfish and turtles, as well as plants: bamboo, orchids, pine trees and chrysanthemums.

Whether it is the terrace or the garden, the side where the cold wind comes from must be protected, either with fences, trees or plants to achieve positive energy.


For this philosophy, accessories are valuable, but they should not be heavy, dead objects, broken, or dry in nature.

Fresh plants and flowers are essential, it is also important to take care of the smells and colors.

Pets promote the passage of energy, as do floral essences and incense.

These have been some tips to adapt Feng Shui in your home.


Feng Shui (water and wind)