December is the bottomless month of expenses, the Christmas season is perhaps the time of highest expenses: family events, gifts, secret Santa, lotteries, activities, extra meals and much more. Let´s see how we can overcome successfully the January budget crunch.


After the overspent during the Christmas, the month of January is quite difficult to face taking into account that our economy has been diminished.

This difficulty we have about upcoming January expenses is called the January budget crunch. It is one of the most difficult months to make ends meet.


√ Reviewing expenses 

It would be advisable to write down week by week or month by month the expenses you are having and in that way you will know exactly what we are spending the money on.

√ Getting rid of superfluous expenses

It is good to pay attention to "ant expenses", which are those that seem small amounts but putting together can make a big hole in our economy.

√ Avoiding debts

Try to have as less as possible debts or loans. Although initially they may seem to be affordable, if we fall into the temptation of accumulating several in the thought of being able to pay them, may happen that the total sum is so high and we cannot afford it.

√ Preparing budgets

By writing down the expenses you can evaluate what is assigned to each section: home, food, personal expenses, etc. In this way it will be easier to prepare a previous budget before they coming.

Being aware of the periods where expenses are higher, it is good not to accumulate superfluous expenses in those months.

√ Being responsible with expenses

Before buying compulsively, shopping smartly.

Considering the necessity.Think about whether it is something essential or just temporary.

Comparing prices.Before buying, compare prices and look for different alternatives.

Discounts and promotions.Take advantage of offers and sales.

Reviewing habits.Look at the small actions you could save money, for example not switching on the lights when you are not in the room, low consumption bulbs, opening the tap just when you need it and with the flow not strong, using the heating and air conditioning efficiently.

Calculating how much money you spend on those phantom expenses without becoming aware: how many coffees outside, how much on sweets... what if we add up for a month how much the ant expenses represent? Maybe we are surprised and reconsider the hole we have in our family economy.

Using appliances with high consumption sparingly.

Another tip is to use highly energy efficient appliances, although the price is higher, in the long run we will save on consumption.


This is our contribution so that the January budget crunch goes from slope to valley.